Inauguran exposición “Marea Rosa” en el Rufino Tamayo



Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax.- Alumnas del taller de artes plásticas Rufino Tamayo, presentan la exposición de grabados titulada “Marea Rosa”, una visión de cómo el mar reclama su lugar y gana terreno sobre la tierra cuando sube la marea.


La exposición consta de 25 grabados en diferentes técnicas de estampación, grabado en metal, xilografías, aguafuerte, cincografía, litografía, aguatinta y huecograbado.


Para las alumnas del Taller Rufino Tamayo, la cultura y las artes representan una opción para que las y los jóvenes oaxaqueños plasmen a través de diversas técnicas su sentir, mostrando la realidad en la que viven.


Cabe destacar que con el paso de los años, las mujeres han ganado espacios y creciendo en presencia en diferentes ámbitos, como el artístico, siendo el Taller Rufino Tamayo un impulsor de este hecho, contando con el apoyo de la Secretaría de las Culturas y Artes (Seculta) Oaxaca, que buscan dar igualdad y equidad.


Las artistas participantes de esta exposición son Laura Barragán, Sinaí C. Manzano, Abigail Merickel, Carolyne Howse, Michelle D Argent, Mara Rolón, Rubí Bolaños, Rosa Mendoza, Mayra Cruz Díaz, Anette Nevárez y Helen Rivera.


A partir de sus vivencias, y tomando como motivo el mar, las obras de las artistas se consolidan con un lenguaje propio que van desde formas primitivas hasta desbordarse en un erotismo delicioso evocando con nitidez sensaciones desde la estampa producto intrínseco del grabado.


“Al igual que las corrientes marinas fluyen por todos los puntos del planeta, en el Taller Tamayo confluyen feminidades de diferentes linajes, de variados orígenes, portadoras cada una de su historia personal y de la historia de su pueblo, convirtiendo el espacio de creación en un vértice donde se unen creencias, saberes y cosmovisiones”, expresaron.


Esta circunstancia es evidente en la variedad de técnicas, estilos y propuestas artísticas que se aprecia en la exposición “Marea Rosa”, la cual se encontrará abierta hasta el 8 de junio en el Taller Rufino Tamayo ubicado en Av. San Felipe 912, en la ciudad capital.

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    • I would need to see that by signing, the event would actually happen. Where does it say that by signing a petition, the MCA can be dissolved? If this can in fact be done, I would rather start with Unit 7, dissolve or remove it then provide the ability for the other Units to do the same. I.E. start small and let it grow.

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    • I have to say, your comments did crack me up… and aren’t too far from the truth. You did leave one thing out though, the rooms kind of look like hospital rooms.However, the artwork, the chalkboards in the bathroom and the fact that it’s reasonable priced and in the rapidly gentrifying area, do make it ‘hip’.-the editor

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    • Gretchen Woelfle's comment about the riches of African-American history (on the June 5 post) has me wondering: How closely do you need to connect with your subject matter to write about it? Do you need to be female to write about amazing women? An environmentalist to write about Rachel Carson? Do you lose all your credibility if you're writing about African-Americans and you're not African-American?

    • That’ what High Speed Universities is all about, to further the education of students. They need more than a high school degree today, they need at least 2 years of college, preferrably 4, and then we’re going to work with communities so they can grow economically and create more jobs for our young people

    • Spokojnie;) Dajmy TL czas. PamiÄ™tam opinie sceptyków, kiedy gruchnęła wieść, że zostanie naczelnym Wprost. "Nie zna siÄ™ na prasie", "Nie wskrzesi tego trupa" etc. A nie jest tak źle. Tutaj scenariusz może siÄ™ powtórzyć.

    • 🙂 pai nu tre sa te inkini, pisi! tre doar sa asculti:)) Mie imi place mult ceea ce transmite ea, ca om, nu neaparat prin muzica.. Mi se pare foarte calda si pozitiva si plina de energie si ma binedispune cand o privesc. Nu ascult niciodata piesele ei si vizionez doar videoclipurile pentru ca fara imagine, muzica nu ma impresioneaza prea tare:)

    • No, pirating IP is not stealing. It's copyright violation (breach of contract, I guess?)? Not stealing. The IP industry justifiably thinks people will be more easily deterred from piracy if they hear "theft!", not "copyright violation!" The latter just doesn't have much oomph, but it's the accurate term. And since I'm not on the IP industry's payroll…

    • skriver:Haha! Tack för inspirationen Patrik! Mer Slayer i kyrkan! :)Tack Ulf! Ja, jag efterlyser ju verkligen en bredd, inte bara allmänt stök liksom. Men jag tycker det är slÃ¥ende hur ofta vi tror att gudstjänsten mÃ¥ste uppfattas som mycket välplanerad och nästan felfri. När lite ”fel och brister” egentligen bara tyder pÃ¥ att det är äkta människor som samlas och inte programmerade robotar.

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    • Thanks very much to Dave and Tonya at Ground Zero for the hookup. I thought it was a very good movie, although I’m going to have to let it sink in before I could rank it. Kudos on a rare trilogy where all three films were very good efforts.Distracting: Bane having the voice of Sean Connery, or at least a comedian’s Sean Connery impersonation.

    • OrDeux points à éclaircir :1) Au départ, c’est naturellement que ces volatiles stockent de la graisse dans leur foie, avant les migrations.2) Si on cesse le gavage, leur foie redevient normal.Ceci étant, je reconnais bien volontiers que cette pratique n’a rien de ragoûtant ; pas plus au demeurant que les élevages de porcs, volailles, pondeuses, etc…

    • Io ero a colvalenza e i signorini di casapound neanche una scheda annullata in confronto di Valentini che ne ha avute moltissime. E poi scusate un'assessore alle frazioni, 37 per l'esattezza dove vive il 70 per cento della popolazione prende 71 voti???Buahahahahahhaahahhaahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahhahaahhahahaahahahahhaahhha!!!!!A noiiiiiiiiii!!!!

    • Hey Chad,Awesome post and high five for taking action! I love the tech start up space, spent time managing a site that covered it and even went to TechCrunch Disrupt.I’ll be getting into apps later this year and I’m so pumped to get started. At this point I’m just building up the loot and doing my homework. After reading this, I’ll be looking out for an update post down the line. I was also wondering what kind of research you did prior to launch/outsourcing per the market, competition, etc.Jonathon

    • Hei hei!SÃ¥ herlig bilde! Japan *Savne* Snart 10 Ã¥r siden jeg besøkte dette vakre landet… Ønsker deg en vidunderlig helg, søte! Koose deg og nyte den.Dagen i dag gÃ¥r nok til klesvask og pakking. Prague is calling, yeay!Helgeklem fra MaiaNala logrer og sender deg en kos

    • I loved this post. It came at the perfect time for me. It’s an amazing thing how we can trick ourselves a bit with very crafty ways of avoiding feeling our shame and self judgment. I make a mistake, and then I immediately want to jump to figuring out why! Let’s nail down the exact reason so I can fix it next time so I never make another mistake again! Ha! Good luck. It’s actually much easier to just cradle yourself. Love yourself. Feel that things didn’t go the way that you wanted to, and know that it’s okay.Thank you Karly!

    • I realize I am stumbling upon this post quite late (I just found this awesome blog). However, I thought I would add my two cents on Pages. However, being a new blogger, I am definitely not authoritative on this issue.I am currently using a Page to provide a “home base” for a series I am writing. I decided this would help readers follow it easier, especially if they miss a post. You can check out the concept here: .

    • These snaps are incredible! Sounds like it’s worth doing Holly’s course just for the styling and flower arranging guidance. I have been meaning to do a digital photography course for years so if I find a good one, I’ll let you know to assist with your resolutuion! Ellie x

    • हर कोई डंक मरता है यहाँ सांप और बिछुओं की तरह,बात करता नहीं कोई ऐसी की दिल ये बहल जाए,bahut sunder …..katu satya kahati hui aaj ke paripeksh me …sargarbhit rachna …

    • I didn’t know this Norwegian history and it’s very interesting. Also helps to explain why there were so many Norwegian flags on blogs last Sunday, and why this is such a big day. At first I thought it was because of Eurovision! But how wonderful that you had this extra thing to celebrate on your national day. Your photographs are beautiful.Janice.

    • Hi, I just posted this at my site:“This will not be a stairway walk. The off-street passages are steep, weedy dirt paths that have not been maintained. The land along the fault is steep, making for nice residential view lots. I haven’t finished the route yet but it will take no more than 90 minutes, 10 to 11:30—I have a lunch destination I’m anxious to make. So I would like to set a good geologist’s pace.”

    • …"Anon I read what Karen said but like Mold I think she didn't tell us the entire story. I am familiar with rules and policies in the workplace as well. I am familiar with them not really being enforced until someone the boss doesn't like breaks them and "then" and only then are they enforced."Isn't it ironic that this idiot paraded around showing her support of an idiot candidate whose election resulted in the implementation of his idiot policies leading to her losing her job!Mua ha ha ha!

    • Vzali ma na ruske a vychodoeuropske studia a to je aj kamen uraze lebo to chcem vazne studovat a v Prahe mam sociologiu, a hlava mi napriek argumentom hovori BA, takze idem na UK na slovensku, ale mienim zamakat nech mozem ist na magisterske bud do Prahy (kde maju skoro identicky odbor) alebo na Ruska rovno.

    • SiriSvarta sÃ¥ skikkelig sur ut der hun satt og ingenting hjalp for Ã¥ fÃ¥ vekk det der SanneSøte kreket Formen er stabilt svimmel, det skal noen flere behandlinger til Fortsatt god helg til deg.

    • Nossaa muito obrigada!!!Foi muito rápidooo mesmo…Este site é Dez…Vc esta fazendo um favor para nós postando estas séries… então é mais do q justo esperar com paciencia q vc tenha tempo de postar… Obrigada novamente… vou aguardar anciosa pelos outros episódios.Até+ e um ótimo dia!!!Jéssica*

    • Wasting our money is one thing. Wasting our time is another. The Liberals are wasting our time even more so than our money. We can always earn more money, but we can’t go to the time bank…I went to the site and read the article and the comments. I think the Toronto Sun readers have this “eco-thing” figured out just fine…educate those around you to look at the facts and the numbers. That’s what will help!To everyone in the group running for office — good luck and best wishes!

    • Aimee Jorani Very helpful post. I deleted my personal facebook account that was linked to an older business page. I opened up a new business page directly and find using it like this a little more problematic. I am hoping you can help. 1. I didn’t mean to link my notes page to my business page, so I am not able to write any notes, is there a way to reverse this? 2. When I comment directly on a page that I liked, my name does not show up, there is no image and name to my post. How can I change this? Thank you.

    • Halloen…sÃ¥ mye lekkert! Har aldri sett dette servise før…nydelig. Skjønner godt du falt for dette.SÃ¥ koselig med en spontan tur til Sverige for to….skikkelig romantisk:) Nydelige høst bilder i innlegget under her ogsÃ¥…bilder av skyene var sÃ¥ fine.Ønsker deg en fin kveld og en god ukestart i morgen, stor klem fra meg

    • troispoules / 16/04/2012 A l'open d'un boss :dizzying Haze 3x > Kep Smash > Souffle de feu Ensuite :Refresh Dizzying Haze > Guard dès que up >Souffle de feu > Paume du tigre/ frappe du voile noir (selon la vie du boss) Pour la génération de chi : Kep smash quand CD up sinon De plein fouet.C'est mon premier perso tank donc j'ai pas trop l'habitude de ce rôle.D'ailleur si tu pouvais m’expliquer le principe de shuffle, j'ai du mal a comprendre (moi est l'anglais)Merci d'avance

    • Most likely it’s missing it’s mommy or the scent. Do you you get them from a pet store or just out of the paper? any way you could get a small blankie and get some scent from the mommy or siblings? I have done the trick of letting the kitten lay on my chest so it can listen to my heartbeat and it’s warm as well. also check to make sure they have no swollen tummy just in case it could possibly have an upset belly. Was this answer helpful?

    • – I don’t know if I’m conflating them, Dr Cat, but it seems to me that the two campaign appearances in successive days after the debate (and the blather about how many women he knows the day before) shows it’s all meant to fit together as one piece of political communication.I’d repeat that I don’t recall in 2007 Therese Rein or Janette Howard accompanying their spouses at policy announcements, let alone either of their daughters.

    • Os meus objectivos críticos são, precisamente, mais teóricos – a maior parte das vezes – do que expositivos, divulgadores ou descritivos. Por isso, as associações todas (já falei aqui neste blog da Kramer’s Ergot e de outras publicações que caem nesse campo.Quanto à TCJ, simplesmente não respondeu (ainda?), mas avisando que o facto de eu não ser “native speaker” poderia ser um impedimento. É justo. Obrigado,Pedro

    • certainly like your web-site however you have to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to inform the reality then again I¡¦ll definitely come back again.

    • Jayna,So happy to have found your blog… nice to find a fellow Christian who is also a crocheter!~Today found the beautiful cowl pattern, which is JUST what I was searching for– I have a friend with a birthday who I was going to make a cowl for, and couldn’t find one with a bulkier yarn. Yours is perfect! Thanks, Jayna!

    • I have had two problems in the four years I have had my Nova. First last year I was having failure to fire, turns out my hammer spring just wore out. So what big deal, springs will wear out on any gun. Problem two, on a sub zero day I droped by nova in the river, on the next group of ducks my gun wouldn’t fire. Turns out the trigger mechanism froze. I took out my gerber, chipped the ice away best I could and was back shooting in no time. I love my nova!!!!

    • poniedziaÅ‚ek jest po prostu zajebisty!a to dlatego, że w zwiÄ…zku z powodami wymienionymi już przez Was jest to idealny dzieÅ„ na pracÄ™ nad sobÄ…… uwielbiam go, po prostu…książka… „Maja” Gaardera… ale to trzeba czytać z pewnym przygotowaniem metafizyczno-życiaowym i na pewno nie jest to (jak sugeruje okÅ‚adka) „opowieść o miÅ‚oÅ›ci i przemijaniu” (jak niektóre gÅ‚upki potrafiÅ‚y to spÅ‚ycić…)coÅ› jeszcze? może i tak, ale teraz słów już brak, bo wczeÅ›nie jakoÅ› tak… 🙂

    • >Guarda volevo solo provocare il MM a spezzare una lancia a favore dei cani “extracomunitari”, però magari poi odia i cani… Ciao a tutti. GG< Stai tranquillo, fratello, ci penserà i veterinario albanese Ritvan – che non odia i cani, visto che gli danno da mangiare:-) – a far venire un attaco di bile al fallaciano pseudoveterinario Albanese di quel sito. Gli manderò una mail che non se la scorderà mai:-).CiaoRitvan

    • He didn’t have a shock because it was the first time he encountered death and desease, but because he went from believing he was immortal, never aging, allways in perfect health, and all of sudden realized he was mortal, would get sick, and die, and according to religion, he would have to? do it all over again, for eternity.

    • Avatar won’t be a cash grab, it’s simply just another opportunity to watch it on 3D and IMAX, I haven’t watched it in that format yet, and I’m already looking forward for that movie. I see it grabbing the number 3 spot next weekend.As for the Box-Office, funny that this year actually countered 2009’s “Frontloading Effect” when only a handful of movies hit number 1 for 2 weeks.

    • The page with the neighborhood painted with mists is amazing. What a gorgeous album! Each year, I take pictures (of course) and keep the list of gifts we send to others and the list of gifts received, but otherwise I don’t make an album. Your album is really inspiring me, though.

    • ‘…religious people do a lot of good. I think we should leave them alone. At least they’re not persuading people to buy things they can’t afford.’Aside from the fact that they’re asking people to buy the idea of God, which they can’t afford if they want independent thought without repression, loads of religious people work in advertising. And besides, just as many religious people who don’t work in advertising, George W, Bush and Hitler among them, are complete arseholes.

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    • Wow – what a fantastic post. It is so brave and insightful to hear your experience. Depression and anxiety are things that often get shoved under the rug, but they affect so many people and should not be third rails in conversation. I’m glad you had such a strong family/friend support structure to help you through your tough time. Now you’re post will help countless others who are similarly struggling, I am sure. Thanks Aidan.

    • I hope your visit to the GP went well, I have had similar experiences and I know first hand about denial and social phobia, I used to hide behind a wall of lies hide an `inadequacy` that didn’t continue living. It was insomnia that led to my diagnosis with GAD. three 24 hour periods of no sleep was pretty surreal, and for some reason I chose to watch Fight Club…not the most reassuring thing for an insomniac to watch lol.

    • The Democratic party of Georgia submitted the name of Barack Obama to the Georgia Secretary of State on November 1, 2012?? First of all, there is no Democratic party and second of all it's not 2012 yet! Hello, this is totally bogus. I say this argument should be rejected for all the obvious errors in it. Anyone think this was deliberate??

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    • No es para nada tonto lo que estás diciendo… No conozco todas las oficinas regionales de Senadis, solo se que algunas oficinas fueron cambiadas de lugar porque eran inaccesibles. En la IV. región estaban solucionando el tema ya que compartían una casa antigua con otra oficina. Es un punto importante y demuestra concecuencia. Lo mismo en muchas oficinas del estado, algunas arrendadas, donde hemos sugerido apurarse en terminar contratos de arriendo si los lugares son inaccesibles. Los plazos vencerán algún día…

    • it’s a guy in a gorilla suit pretending to bang on drums! gags don’t come any cheaper than that.yes it’s funny. but it’s still a cheap gag. dressing up as a gorilla is bargain basement. people love it. but people also love seeing guys get kicked in the balls. what i’m saying is there’s nothing new here either conceptually or executionally. so how can it be ad of the year?

    • It makes me sick, that people eat it and that we treat animals like that for a bloody hamburger. I am vegan and ask people at restaurants that handle meat, to change their gloves or wash their hands before they handle my food and they cannot understand why. Should carry this study with me.

    • É muito difícil de se avaliar o trabalho de um preparador de goleiros. Como ele trabalhou com o Mano, por quase 3 anos no Grêmio, acho que o Mano teve base para fazer essa escolha. Ele vai treinar, por exemplo, o Júlio Cesar, que hoje é o melhor goleiro do mundo. Como vamos avaliá-lo ?

    • 30 octobre 2012Merci pour ce lexique qui a l’air bien complet. Je viens juste de le découvrir, j’en cherchais un il y a quelques moi s et du coup je me suis préparer mon petit lexique que j’ai mit en ligne aussi sur mon blog, il est moins complet que le votre si je bloque sur des nouveau mots je viendrais ici.

    • the room was a huge success with the Bunco party group. Glad that’s over. the furniture looks great and Syd loves the back of the divan and tiny has a new sleep spot. Do preplan, I’m glad that you all won’t have to make that decision for us. You can just finalize all that is already planned. Love Jane./ See you soon

    • .“I trust that no Members of the ECRG here will be hypocritical enough to condemn Iran for the use of violence in elections, when David Cameron is among the sponsors of UAF, an organization of far-left criminals which routinely deploys intimidation and violence against nationalist dissidents in Britain,” he said.

    • Wow it’s one day out of the week just 1 day if you can’t dress up more than normal then you’re just plain old lazy and people can tell that too. It’s really sad I mean now all you see is people in sloppy sweats pajamas jeans and shorts. But if you are poor then that’s another things

    • Hey Crystal, here’s the one big difference b/c you and Katherine Heigl. it’s not that she has more money or fame…it’s that she’s beautiful inside and out and you’re ugly inside and most likely out too. Adoption is not an easy process nor is it easy afterward. It takes a very special person to adopt, something you’ll never know

    • मी “मी”शी सहमत आहेच. पण माझा मुद्दा जी लोक मसुदा तयार करण्यासाठी कागदावर कागद फाडून फेकतात त्यांच्या साठी आहे. एखादा लेख लिहितांना किंवा कविता लिहितांना कागद फाडतो ना तसा. शेवटी अर्थ एकाच होतो की पेपर वाचणे ही सोडता येत नाही आणि झाड ही वाचविता येत नाही. गोळा बेरीज शेवटी एकचहोते.

    • I take gabapentin for marijuana withdraw symptoms. My dose is 300mg capsules 4 times a day. I believe it to be working, but I also was in an intensive outpatient rehab program. Getting the whole enchilada was good for me, but hard to pinpoint what is working where. Together they've gotten me to 50 days sober and counting…One day at a time!

    • lo metti in ibernazione non consuma niente, non è la sospensione (che cmq consuma poco)e a riavviarsi dall'ibernazione ci mette veamente pochissimo (non ho cronometrato, ma credo meno di 10 secondi)Concordo con quanti han scritto sopra, il problema nell'analisi di Paolo è che win7 non dovresti spegnerlo e riaccenderlo, ma solo ibernarlo e una volta ogni 2-3 settimane fargli fare il ciclo completo.-by the way, se poi vogliamo fare la gara anche sui tempi di riaccensione dall'ibernazione… a me che ci metta 10 secondi o 2 cambia sembra un bizantinismo 😀

    • Gorgeous you guys! And on a day when it is -2 degrees with the windchill these amazing summer photos are even more beautiful to gaze at!Happy New Year Scherzis! I hope you had a fabulous holiday season. Here’s to a very healthy, happy, laughter-filled and successful 2012!!! Hope to see you in the city soon!!!! Happy and safe trails!

    • mia19 March 2011fesyen islamic ? i see .. fesyen islamic dedah belakang ? fesyen islamic terbentuk pinggang ? fesyen islamic tocang tudung macam topi ahli silap mata ? fesyen islamic kain melebihi buku lali ? btl la tu .. pndai sangat la tu ..

    • Depois de uma corrente de informação contraditória, saber que fomos lá ganhar e ficar em vantagem na eliminatória foi excelente. Esta equipa mostrou fibra, crença e capacidade de sofrimento. Acredito que conseguiremos renovar o título. SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORTTIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!

    • Dec20 En effet, anguille sous roche c’est fort possible, en tous cas on voit d’un côté le bâton en Syrie et la carotte en Algérie.Le racisme n’est pas dû au peuple français mais à l’impérialisme. Il ne faut pas mettre les peuples dans le même sac que les classes qui les dominent.PS : je suis français.

    • I agree and feel that point 4. i.e, Eat only when you’re hungry is the best possible way to slim ones self. To control ones desire and to know what you want to eat and when will help in curbing the unwanted habit of over-eating and that too when you’re not hungry.

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    • How about “I like pie!” That’s a Manifesto I can get behind…Hmm. Since I seem to be magically in front of this marching horde, I suggest we have a “List of Encouraged Mischief” in the spirit of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s “I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts” (not commandments!). That way Human Wave SF writers can pick and choose as the muse inspires.

    • I think one guy who will benefit enormously will be Darius Morris. He’s always looked like a run-and-gun point guard. Every time he got it last season he jumped up and down in frustration that his teammates weren’t running to the other side of the court. He just looked like he wanted to go on a break so bad. Now he’ll get his chance, and hopefully, under Nash’s tutorship, he’ll learn some.

    • Je viens de lire tous vos commentaires et j’avoue m’être bien amusée car j’ai eu à répondre à cette question il y a peu et j’avoue qu’elle m’a demandé un peu de recherche. Tout cela m’a permis de revisiter des oeuvres magnifiques et Petrouchka valait vraiment le détour.J’ai soumis toutefois une petite question à mon ami Patrice : en Afrique, les orchidées prendraient elles sur une jambe de bois ? Qu’en pensez vous ?

    • e Brutto,Research shows that in models Rapid Ice Loss Events tend to be preceded by large influxes of warm ocean water (1 to 2 years in advance). So I wondered if there was a way of looking out for this in the current Arctic.I looked at Mercator Ocean's model, using salinity as a proxy for Atlantic warm water influx. After a 'My God!' moment, I realised that the massive increase I'd seen was between different versions of the model (there are three version changes in the series IIRC). So what I'm saying is treat Mercator Ocean with caution. It's useful, but watch out for version changes. The version is given on the image plots IIRC.

    • खूप मोठा प्रश्न आहे हा… उत्तर इतकं सहजासहजी सापडण्यासारखं नाही असे वाटते. एका क्षणी वाटतं की हे सहज शक्य आहे, दुसऱ्याच क्षणी वाटतं की नाही…. !!

    • Och jag klimatkompenserar genom att odla mina egna grönsaker och äta mycket kött och fett frÃ¥n gräsbetande kor och fÃ¥r som kommer frÃ¥n gÃ¥rdarna runt oss. Det innebär att den mat vi äter binder in mer kol frÃ¥n luften än vad den släpper ut i form av bundet kol frÃ¥n fossil energi och plöjning. Det är klimatkompensering pÃ¥ riktigt.

    • Scared to publish all of my comments? Though you approved my comment about fuel cycle… interesting. You may want to consider adding differing opinions to stimulate some traffic. Previous Comment: If it's ironic to post as anonymous, is it also ironic that the rest of you are posting under names that link back to your 'blogs'? You wouldn't be commenting to get traffic to your site now, would you? After all this neinuclearnotes is ranked 1.8 million in the world, the largest pro-nuke blog on the web! Keep up the great work y'all.

    • guys if our away form goes bad we are FUCKED, I speak the truth, and if it does, The old man should go even sooner,He is the manager and he is saying I DON’T… fuck that…. he should not have allowed it to reach a point were we can win a game at home….. champions are able to nic a goal in the dying moments!!!Reply

    • Memang benar kalau sudah menyentuh masalah pemahaman pribadi mengenai agama, setiap orang pasti akan memiliki pendapat masing2. Dan dalam berdiskusi sudah sebaiknya kita saling menghargai pendapat setiap orang krn biasanya pembahasan mengenai hal ini sifatnya sensitif sekali, kuatirnya bukan malah jadi diskusi melainkan jadi bertikai pula. Ribet kan urusannya kalau udah begitu. Trims…

    • All the interest is deductible, but the rental interest gets deducted on the business expense form while the rest gets deducted on Schedule A. The business expense form also gets any maintenance, utility, insurance, and property tax expense, all of which need to be suitably apportioned. The residential part of the property tax is a Schedule A deduction.

    • If you’re finding you’re a couch potato, set your workout equipment up within view of the tv and pick a particular time ex. between 7-8 o’clock and exercise at that time every night or every second night whatever you decide your schedule should be. Keep in mind you won’t see the results you’re looking for with less than five days a week of working out.

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    • Next week let’s have crazy hair day at church. Currently, although there is no rule against crazy hair, and every week there are a few people at church with crazy hair, I think it’s a way to bring attention to the fact that although no one ever mentions anyone’s hair at church, there is a lot of judging of hairstyles and that is not Christlike. Anyone want to join me in expressing solidarity for those who are having a bad hair day, or chemo, or genetic hair thinning, or just bad judgment on hairstyles? Or are all of you too shallow to care about those of us with hair issues?

    • katty geltmeyerWow! I hava explored all the chapters available, but I’m still wrestling with the following: I can’t hear the mandrake, click on the howler, I can’t hear the singing saws nor Moaning Myrtle sobbing, … I think, all these things aren’t clickable by textlabels, and as I’m blind and can’t use the mouse like seeing persons do, I can’t activate these effects. Best, Katty =Wolfsbanewillow19281

    • have an awesome vacation!  i too will be out, so no need to rush home just to read about little ole me.  have fun trying to be convinced that you love arizona.  i\\’ve never been, but know many who do enjoy i LOVE barbershop quartets!  that doesn\\’t sound geeky to me at all.  it\\’s so fun to watch and listen to.pss. never end a sentence with a preposition.

    • I can't for the life of me figure out why we didn't declare war on the country the terrorists were from.One of the Sunday morning shows on PBS discussed the attacks. How strange was it for the host (McNeil) to include the terrorists when discussing the people who died? He made it sound as if they were victims!Then he made another very odd comment–he called president Bush "of late and honorable memory."Strange isn't it?He made it sound as if Bush were dead. Really odd comments.

    • Hi – not everyone is brilliant – some (me for one) need help nearly every day. Like you, I ‘lurked’ for ages before summoning the courage to write a comment. Everyone here is fantastically welcoming and helpful. As far as 20d is concerned it’s somewhere someone might tell you to keep it if they were telling you a secret, as in ” but keep it up your ……”. I had never heard of today’s meaning but it is in the dictionary. Good luck!

    • if marijuana is legalized there will be even more gang violence on the streets. Gangsters will then start killing more over cocaine and heroin profits. It’s not rocket science, there will definately be more deaths because people are greedy, and if you take away their profits from marijuana, they are gonna try to make up for it elsewhere. So unless the politicians are ready to legalize all drugs, they should maybe just think this one over.

    • GREAT LIST!! One thing to add is “Don’t drive like a maniac”, be respectful of the people in your car. There is definitely a population of women who likely WOULD be impressed by driving fast, but I remembr my firs date with my boyfriend and he drove sooo fast and I was terrified.(And uhh, PS that list was 6 things. Just sayin’.)

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  1. We live on Bessborough Dr. too, just down the street from where Harper grew up (although, he moved to Calgary by the time he was in highschool), so I guess we're practically neighbours! We just moved in last August and love the neighbourhood. It's nice to have a renovating "friend" in the neighbourhood, even though we've never met!

  2. The developer on valleywag wasnt complaining that he couldnt spam users. What he was complaining about is how the early apps released on facebook were allowed the advantage of mass user invites and the newer apps are not. Is it a coincidence that a few of these early apps also share the same investors as facebook? Once the apps the facebook investors invested in got traction, they changed the rules of the game. There is a hustle going here. Just not sure what it is yet.

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  6. Thanks, Linda! I just got my new computer up and running with Adobe CS4, so the new sig was a fun little project. I'm thinking about changing it for various occasions… we‘ll see whether that ever happens. Using a reader is a must, now that practically everyone has a blog(!)

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  9. I fly a lot, and try not to check bags. It really sucks to not only be without a knife in the airport, but also for the few days I am in another city. Part of me is leaning very strongly towards checking a bag just for my knife. It seems ridiculous, but it is almost worth the hassle and the checked baggage charge. Rule #1 is always have a knife.

  10. it is very hard for ppl to see counter clockwise if they have at first seen it clockwise. i think that this is because you need to see the details of the reflection at the bottom and make this be in time with the floating up and down of the dancer. if you put the two together you get that it is spinning clockwise. if you ignore the up and down motion you get counter clockwise

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  12. Hi Kayleigh,die Geschichte der verschlafenen Amy (sorry: Ay) und ihren “Notlügen” ist klasse! Ich hoffe, demnächst weitere Kapitel lesen zu können. Mal sehen, wie sie aus dieser Situation wieder rausfindet. Ich denke mal, dass ihr etwas einfallen wird, clever wie sie ist. Weiterschreiben, unbedingt weiterschreiben!

  13. This is a very interesting topic – thanks Ellen. I was a real tomboy when I was a child and though an avid reader would have been put off by certain covers. While I loved books that had strong female protagonists, I wouldn't have picked up book that was 'too girly' (flowery, pink, lovehearts). Generally, I think that if the cover reflects the tone and content of the book that it will appeal to its target market. Not all story lines will appeal to all people, but it would be a great shame if a story with general appeal was lost to either gender because of a poorly designed cover.

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  19. (Sorry, but hit the post button by accident)cont…My point is that religious fundamentalists will always create a polarizing images independent of the individual, ie, PZ or Dawkins. There is tremendous comfort in the authority and certainty of fundamentalist views (our mind evolved to avoid uncertainty). One of those certainties is that heaven is at hands reach if you try to save the sinners.

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  21. Catered Buffet Lines! Seriously! Wouldn’t EVERYONE like the option to set their plate down as they fill it? I guess not, just me and the old folks trying to also manage a cane. I get so frustrated sometimes that I rearrange the table (while giving the caterer my infamous evil-eye). I’m going to build a TV tray on wheels and bring it to the next wedding reception. I might feel a little awkward, but it will prove my point… Then I’ll let everybody’s grandfather use it.