Inicia venta de boletos para “Donají… La Leyenda 2018”


  •  Las y los interesados pueden adquirirlos a través y en las oficinas de la Dirección de Turismo, ubicadas en Matamoros 102 colonia Centro.


Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca.- La Dirección de Turismo del Municipio Capitalino invita a las y los oaxaqueños, así como a turistas nacionales e internacionales, a adquirir los boletos para las dos presentación de “Donají…La Leyenda 2018”,que se llevarán a cabo los días 22 y 29 de julio a las 20:30 horas, en el Auditorio Guelaguetza.

La titular de la dependencia, Myriam Corro Niño de Rivera, aseguró que como desde hace 36 años, visitantes y oaxaqueños podrán disfrutar de este evento, en el marco de los Lunes del Cerro en la rotonda de las Azucenas.

Por ello, a partir de este 15 de mayo se podrán adquirir los boletos a través y en las oficinas de la dependencia municipal, ubicadas en la calle Matamoros 102, colonia Centro.

Los boletos de la sección “A” tendrán un costo de 350 pesos y para la sección “B” costarán 300 pesos; mientras que las secciones “C” y “D” serán gratuitas.

Para quienes deseen adquirir los boletos en las oficinas de la Dirección General de Turismo Municipal, pueden acudir en un horario de lunes a viernes de 10:00 a 18:00 horas, los sábados y domingos de 10:00 a 14:00 horas.


“Alma Grande” lucha por amor a su pueblo

Cuenta la leyenda que antes de la llegada de los españoles, cuando Oaxaca se encontraba dominada por los zapotecas y mixtecos, el rey Cosijoeza, soberano de la ciudad de Zaachila, tuvo una hija a quien se le otorgó el nombre de Donají, que quiere decir “Alma Grande”.

Después de que mixtecos y zapotecos enfrentaron juntos a los mexicas que trataron de conquistar la región de Oaxaca para anexarla a su imperio, una serie de eventos sembraron la discordia entre los dos pueblos, provocando su distanciamiento y al mismo tiempo el inicio de violentas disputas entre ambos.

En medio de tales enfrentamientos, un guerrero mixteco fue hecho prisionero por los zapotecas y puesto a disposición del rey Cosijoeza. Durante su estancia, la princesa Donají descubrió al cautivo, de nombre Nucano, quien era príncipe mixteca, enamorándose de él y cuidándolo hasta que se recuperó por completo de sus heridas, momento en el que pidió a Donají su libertad para continuar en la lucha.

Liberado por la princesa, Nucano alentó a su pueblo a terminar con la guerra, mientras que Donají hizo lo mismo con su padre. Ambos pueblos pactaron la paz, aunque el recelo de los mixtecas les hizo solicitar que Donají se convirtiera en prenda de paz para garantizar la promesa del rey Cosijoeza, ya que de lo contrario sería sacrificada.

Anteponiendo el amor a su pueblo antes que su propia vida, la princesa dio aviso a los guerreros zapotecas de que sus carceleros se encontrarían al anochecer en Monte Albán, lugar donde fueron sorprendidos y asesinados por la gente de Cosijoeza.

Descubierto el plan de Donají, los mixtecas decidieron vengarse del rey decapitando a la princesa cerca del río Atoyac, lugar donde fue sepultada. Pasado el tiempo, se hizo un hallazgo de su cabeza de cuya sien nacía un lirio de singular de belleza. Así fue como Donají se convirtió en el escudo oficial de la Ciudad de Oaxaca de Juárez.

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    • It is. I still keep crying. Sometimes because of the flood of memories and sometimes because I just can’t believe someone would do something so nice for us, especially someone who only knows me because she followed a link, read what happened and asked another homeschooler I’ve never met if she had my number. Actually, I’m still not sure how she got my number.All I can say is I guess this is what it means to be in the body of Christ . . . to find sisters and friends and generosity in people we’ve never met.

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    • at Westburyumc we’ve been meditating and discussing what is special about Westbury and how God wants to use that. I’ve also been reading McClauren’s book EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE, which talks at one point about colonialism mentality in the church. That the white man gives the enlightment and the foreign nation people are the beneficiaries.Maybe we can now see that whites must learn some things from black americans and Christians in foreign lands, and celebrate that.

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    • Thank you for confirming the speculation that conservatives have no sense of humor. And it is endlessly hilarious that you find fault with me for personal attacks while ignoring what Breitbart is doing. And like Breitbart, you are incapable of supplying any substance to back up your own attacks.Conservatives like you make it way too easy for liberals like me. Thanks again.

    • This should be no surprise since Bloomturd is just another lackey of the Communist Left and their messiah Boobama! These types want total control of the populace since they know what everybody needs better that we know ourselves! We the people cannot be trusted with any firearms or knives because we might rebel or something against the all knowing all seeing all powerful government! A tyrranical dictatorship is coming if things continue in the Socialist/Communist direction in this great country of ours?

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    • With this sentence, you hit the nail right on its head:"It's as if on Holocaust Memorial Day, the key topic of discussion was not the murder of 6,000,000 Jews, but a protester who wanted to get his Bic lighter close to Mein Kampf".And here's another bulls-eye:"The Twin Towers which dared to be one of the world's tallest buildings, had to be knocked down to make way for Muslim skyscrapers in Dubai and Malaysia".You write a swell article! I appreciate it and thank you.

    • Great reactionary history. The military coup d’etat will come in Hillary’s first term. We will get our Franco/Pinochet and love it.By the way, Moore’s law ended 3 or 4 years ago, and there has been NO significant increase in CPU clock rate since then. Otherwise my new MacPro would be sporting a 10 to 12 Ghz chip.

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    • In the 1970's in Clarksburg West Virginia, Raymond Shields the brother of the chief of police would pull up in front of W I school and offer under age boys money for sex.In the 1980's the county, Joe Trupo, sheriff's campaign manager, administrative assistant and former news reader on WDTV channel 5 John Peters paid to have sex with a 14 year old boy named Rodney Delaney.

    • dirais même qu’entre la période 30-39, le régime soviétique a été encore plus cruel envers son peuple que le régime allemand l’a été. Le tout songé par Lénine, organisé par Staline et mis en exécution par Khrouchtchev. Ils ne les ont peut-etre pas fusillés, mais il n’y a absolument aucune raison de crever de famine en Ukraine…et personne n’a rien fait non plus.

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    • David,I agree completely that Eusebius was slanted in favor of the church hierarchy in power during his lifetime. For that reason I think we should reject his views that are in tension with Scripture (e.g. apostolic succession) and at least entertain the possible accuracy of Eusebius when his writings are congruent with New Testament thought (e.g. the ministerial locations of Titus and Timothy).Again, let the record show that I am neither a church historian, nor the son of a church historian.

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    • Hi Natslady! Maldonado signed a minor league deal with the Nationals shortly after becoming a free agent; he is almost certain to start in Syracuse and should probably be on this list.Luke, is it too early to try to draw a distinction between starting pitchers and relief pitchers? As one not quite so familiar with the system, having four categories (RHSP/LHSP/RHRP/LHRP) would be a useful tool.

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    • Concordo con entrambe le posizioni: è giusto continuare a parlarne ma allo stesso tempo è e sarà sempre impossibile far cambiare idea a un complottista. Basti pensare che a 10 anni di distanza c'è ancora chi sostiene che non ci sia stato nessun aereo, ma fossero delle immagini finte alla tv.

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    • Bárbara Lopes disse:Oi, RenataAcho que a “alimentação saudável” foi tão mistificada que se tornou distante. Tem uma propaganda de um suplemento alimentar que diz que as pessoas precisariam comer sei lá quantas porções de vegetais. Fica parecendo tão difícil que as pessoas desistem.beijo

    • Der Dude hat einen wesentlichen Punkt vergessen (oder zumindest nicht klar genug herausgestellt): Die Gewährleistung ist eine Sache zwischen Käufer und Verkäufer, der Hersteller hat damit nichts zu tun.Wenn es Dir also darum geht, dass die Gewährleistungsplicht nicht eingehalten wurde, bellst Du den falschen Baum an.

    • I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. You’d want to pressure wash it really well first. Another thought would be to stain it, then fill the cracks with a colored grout (you could use the latex base grout to give it some expansion and contraction ability) then seal the entire thing with a water proofer. It might look really cool.

    • Jack:The stats suggest that he’s better from the outside, but there would be no harm in letting him try from the inside. Then again, even if Okafor isn’t as effective from the inside, we know that Aldon Smith can rush from the DT position, so a front four of Brooks, Smith, Smith and Okafor could be potent.

    • Mukund Toro / Prof. Subba, I agree with you. There are limits to making “jugaad” work. It cannot become a permanent solution. At the best it is a temporary home made solution to get out of a crisis. There is no substitute for setting up good repeatable and predictable processes, after your crisis blows over. And of course, you cannot be living from crisis to crisis taking “jugaad” as your support. Your (bad) luck will run you out sometime.

    • Let’s assume the world is not guided by private interests, who would have the brain capacity and incentive to further human progression? People and elected politicians are divided amongst themselves even within the family unit, how in the world can they steer the world. You can have the best project in the world and present it to the local community and you will find 60% of idiots who are against it. The people themselves are idiots and are the direct reason for all the laws. I don’t know whether to admire the ruling elite or hate them.

    • a me a suo tempo era piaciuto il bagno turco, già le fate ignoranti mi aveva perso. quindi dubito che ciò faccia di me un ex-fan deluso.mi viene da difenderlo solo quando il mio collega supercattolico lo critica in quanto "promulgatore dei valori gay contro la famiglia tradizionale", ma tutto ciò ha poco a che vedere col cinema, temo. 

    • An entire people, possessed by a 7th century ideology and the emotional disposition of a toddler, armed with the best modern technology the Western world can produce.Here’s another hair-rising example the Middle Eastern mentality:A microscopic speck of marijuana, the size of a grain of sugar, and invisible to the naked eye? – Sodra

    • Deacon Blue,I think you’re onto something.I mean, I am probably not the best measure of the perception of a white person who finds black men “scary.” Black men are hot, but not scary. In all honesty, I think I’m more of a scary black man than is Barack Obama.And like you say, this is probably deliberate on the “O” man’s part. He doesn’t want to frighten those little white Baptist ladies in the Midwest.

    • OMG, My darling Lynne==you made me spew coffee all over my laptop with your twigs & balls. Any tips for saving soaked laptops? And I know it was Colin & Justin you slept with,,,,with your twigs & balls woman! You are #11 on the list as of this moment,,,and rising like a shooting star! I’ve voted,,,and am on my way to the clerk’s office to change my name so I can vote again.xxxxxxoooooo Mary

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    • Having an efficient bullshit meter is essential for a writer. I got mine from my college professor, Dr. McAlexander. He also taught me that there are times when it’s okay to break the rules. Particularly if you know what you’re doing is the right thing. We’re lucky to have been blessed with such teachers.BTW, I love that story about the Rosa Parks photo. That photo is omnipresent in the South.

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    • F***ing amazing. I love it, Harvey, as the daughter of a Geordie, as the grandaughter of a Geordie who hated hearing her voice on tape. This sort of thing: 'a wheezy voice, as thick as ginger parkin' – the way 'the voice is also a small dark stream/running past Roman dry stone walls, Ian,//on the outskirts of slate grey mill town…' And that word 'mithering' – bliss.

    • “Talking about these artificial looks , people who lived closer to Osho are the one category who dont get into such pathetic efforts ..”Oh really Kranti? And you know who is who? What they were doing near Osho? And what they are doing now?You are one of those innocent in my view. It is beautiful and dangerous!And it is relevant here! That is why we ended up with divisions….blind following the blind. There is no Osho to get a zen stick! Just because he or she was with Osho we take their authority.

    • ray-jae 0  0donie du eingebildetes opfa, so n möchtegern ober intelligenter, lol quatsch ma so einen in neukölln an lol bin ma gespannt wieviel zähne dir da noch bleiben, aba naja und zu dir clonkey, jedem das seine wa aba gleich andere musik richtungen als dreck zu bezeichnen? naja… die felgen sind aba üba nyze, würd da zwa andere motive reinmachen aba die idee is funny

    • I have connected with family through card making. I mean really it is very different from scrapbooking because when you make a card you have to SEND it or what was the point? Sharing your creation and bringing joy to another in the mail is what makes it all the more fun!

    • I beleive that it is a complete abberation from normal business for companies that benefited and participated.However, if we beleive that markets are “forward” looking, then these results are already baked in to the current equity prices (I assume you mean equities when speaking about melt-ups).I think we are agreeing with each other. My point is that the valuations are abnormally high based on projected earnings. Factor in that the very basis for the earnings are totally unsustainable and I think it magnifies the result.All disclaimers, I am an idiot in the markets and should not ever be taken seriously.

    • Tja, du darfst nicht vergessen: dies ist die Telekom. Bis die reagiert, hast die sämtliche Sympathien komplett verspielt. Wahrscheinlich muss der Ober(mann)boss alle Website-Artikel erst persönlich abnicken, bevor etwas veröffentlicht werden darf. Die wollen zwar Profite wie jedes private Unternehmen machen, aber die Strukturen sind noch total verkrustet wie beim ollen Staatskonzern….

    • I am not going to write about everything I saw, but the main point being that success in bike races happens because: a) you have the fitness level to compete in your group, b) you have a plan and execute proper tactics at the right time, and, c) you have a little luck on your side!

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    • Nadeem and Mohamed:It is not only Bush. U.S. policy has favored Israel over Hamas and any other terrorist organization for over 50 years. Why? Because Israel is trying to live peaceably, but aren’t allowed to because Palestinian terror groups won’t allow them to. You defend them, when they are the aggressors. Who is the fool?

    • Hola buenas tardes, al verdad ke me ha parecido expremadamente interesante tu publicación haciendo referencia a el reconocimiento de dichas competencias. Me he bajado el boletin oficil del estado todo cuanto debo presentar, etc.. pero no dice donde debo presentar mi solicitud, dodne debo dirigirme para hacerlo oficial vaya. Si por favor tuviese información al respecto, le agradeceria enormente me lo comunicase, estoy buscandolo en internet pero no doy con ello. Muchisimas gracias.

    • If you check out multiple items (physical and digital) at the same time PayPal will charge shipping based on the quantity of items (even if there is a digital product among the items it will charge shipping). PayPal doesn’t have a way to verify if you are checking out physical or digital item. It will always charge based on whatever you have specified on your profile.

    • il parait que c’est le 10e 6/0 encaissé par Nadal dans toute sa carrière ! et dans le tas, il doit y en avoir eu contre des types super-forts, ou quand il était vraiment pas bien …je peux vous dire que sur menstennisforums ils sont vraiment surpris car Lacko n’avait pas du tout une bonne réputation.Hier il a gagné 57 76 (7) 76 (4) contre Pere Riba, qui ne joue PRESQUE JAMAIS ailleurs que sur terre.

    • how does it sound like Single Ladies?I despise that song with a passion because it’s so damn annoying. (Beyonce is better than that, IDFGI.) So if ANYTHING sounded like that song, I would know and wouldn’t even listen to it. This is better than that & I can barely stand to listen to Kpop girl groups to begin with. Nice try though.

    • Merci de me confirmer! Je tiens de lectures presse spécialisée agriculture: Il y aurait plus de fonctionnaires aux ministère et décentralisations régionnales que de paysans en activité! Infiniment plus!!! On dit: 7 actifs, au bureau, pour 1 gars au cul des vaches ou sur le tracteur….Pour connaître le milieu culturel (on ne rit pas) je sais la propension du milieu à prospérer, hier à la solde du Prince, aujourd’hui au crochet de l’Etat et des régions. Mme Aubry sait comment attirer ces braves gens!!!

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    • RaulKingPourrais-tu être plus précis sur ce que tu avances : “Un site web ne gagne rien dans 99.99999999% des cas. Et puisqu’il faut tout préciser, il perd de l’argent dans 99.99999999% des cas.”Cela me ne me semble pas très précis. Sur quel cas concret tu te bases? As-tu déjà créer un site toi même et cela n’as-t-il pas marché? Pourrais-tu nous éclairer?Par ailleurs j’ai trouvé l’article d’Arnaud plutôt édifiant. Je regrette néanmoins qu’il n’ai parler que de chiffre d’affaire. Qu’en est-il des bénéfices?

    • 72% c’est la proportion de production nucléaire d’électricité en FranceRéduisons de 72% nos livraison à l’Allemagne et que les écologistes Allemand produisent leur électricité avec du charbon.Nota: je n’ai rien contre le solaire mais ll faudra quelques décennie pour que les besoins soient couverts

    • Merci de ta participation Philippe! Mes plaisirs simples? Lire un bon livre le soir, boire un bon thé, faire écouter des musiques que j’apprécie bien à ceux que j’aime, tomber sur des trucs sympas dans la rue (un nouveau magasin, une image originale) ne rien faire parfois… Pour le plaisir dans la regression: j’ai acheté des kinder surprise hier avec mon ami et on est retombé en enfance à construire les jouets, regarder qui avait eu le plus beau, se chamailler un peu… On a bien rigolé!MarinaMarina Articles récents..

    • Apparentemente non funziona se si installa l'estensione noscript di Firefox e disabilitando di default l'esecuzione degli script: il link alla pagina di Aza Raskin "funziona" (cioè cambia la pagina visualizzata in quella di gmail) solo se permetto esplicitamente l'esecuzione degli scritti della sua pagina web. La soluzione quindi è molto semplice: installare , che comunque è utile anche per molte altre cose. 🙂

    • Excellent puzzle today – not too difficult, but then not too easy either.I was a bit worried about 1D as for a second I didn’t think it was cryptic and that the ‘old English’ part was superfluous but then I remembered that not everyone lives near me (there’s thems as would spell un Brizzle anyways).Enjoyed 14A, 1A, 1D (obviously), 3D 8D and today’s favourite had to be 26A.BTW – what’s happened to all the cricket references? Don’t the setters realise the season is upon us?

    • Chú Æ¡i, bên cháu hiện Ä‘ang có khoảng 50 bao quần áo, cả người lá»›n và trẻ nhỏ. Cháu cÅ©ng muốn có 1 chÆ°Æ¡ng trình, chú cho cháu lời khuyên về địa Ä‘iểm và cách thức Ä‘Æ°a 50 bao quần áo lên cho các em được ko chú?Cảm Æ¡n chú!