La Secretaría de Seguridad Pública (SSPO), informa la activación del Plan Estatal de Auxilio a la Población Oaxaca Seguro, en  las playas, principales avenidas y calles de Puerto Escondido, región de la costa; donde se reporta la llegada de la tormenta tropical “Carlotta”

La cual se localiza 95 km al sur-sureste de Acapulco y a 95 km al oeste-sureste de Punta Maldonado ambas localidades de Guerrero con vientos máximos sostenidos de 65 km/h, rachas de 85 km/h y desplazamiento hacia el noroeste a 7 km/h.

De acuerdo al informe de la Comandancia Regional de la Costa, alrededor de las 12:30 horas, en la Avenida calle del Morro, Zicatela Colotepec, dieron inicio las primeras labores para prestar ayuda a los oaxaqueños, por parte de elementos de la Policía Estatal en coordinación con la Policía Vial Estatal.

Se estarán presentando lluvias con Tormentas muy fuertes a puntales intensas (75 a 150 mm), en la Mixteca, Istmo, Valles Centrales y Cañada.

Finalmente, se informa que continuarán activos los recorridos y apoyos para brindar auxilio a los pobladores de la zona, así como se emite la recomendación de atender y replicar las recomendaciones por parte de Protección Civil.

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  2. Hello JMAh, how I remember those first "back to school" days – on one hand sad to see them return and on the other trying not to feel guilty enjoying some "mom-time" too. I love your father and son photo too! Hmmm – I will have to dig into my memory for something embarrassing – it was over 20 years ago! Perhaps I'll ask my CHILDREN, haha, I may not even have known, right? ALWAYS love your posts. ~ Barb

  3. I think respect is a big deal here. I stopped spanking my son when he was 5. I caught him standing out in our road playing chicken with a truck (doing a dance out in the road while a truck was heading right toward him). I reacted in anger and fear and swatted him, and not lightly. He was sent to his room, I sat on the couch shaking, and realized that I could never lay a hand on him again. That was my call and it worked for me.

  4. July 1, 2011 at 10:45 pmWell, you inspired me to give it a try. Nothing big or fancy, but I ordered a small piece online from Amazon, and will try working with it. I need something to shake things up, and clear out the cobwebs. I’ll let you know how it feels when I’ve received it, and worked with it for a while. Reply

  5. Fred,You are asking the wrong question. Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno was already in Mexico when Christie left for FL this past Sunday. The question you and others should ask is why did Christie leave the state on Sunday, with a pending blizzard, knowing his back-up was already out of the country, let alone out of the state?Whatever the answer, it speaks of pure negligence on the part of Chris Christie.

  6. I wouldn’t volunteer to take part in most aspects of being pregnant, but the sensation of having a life evolving inside you must be awe inspiring and otherworldly. That was the only part of the pregnancy experience where I was just a bit jealous that Jill was doing it and not me.

  7. “Tierney is to sports radio what electricity is to the Amish.”AJ, good analogy, if you meant that sports radio listeners should have appreciated Tierney more like the Amish should have appreaciated electricity and know that it should have helped their modern life.Hot debate. What do you think? 4  10

  8. Excellent post!I am not a mother and have not endured labor, but as a former sociology grad I studied birthing practices a lot as a student and I am well versed on our somewhat upside perception of birth. Great to see people discussing it!A great book on this topic is Misconceptions by Naomi Wolf.Cheers!

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  10. Wilson Johann disse:Já que estão todos votando, também abro o meu. Rafale em primeiro no quesito beleza. Ademais, os franceses sempre fizeram caças bonitos, e esse não deixa por menos. Se não me engano, são os próprios franceses que dizem que todo avião para voar bem tem que ser bonito. Voa bem porque é bonito, e é bonito porque voa bem!Abraços!!!

  11. Would anyone be interested in articles about being a parent in the military? I have lots of funny experiences especially with both my husband and I being active duty. I had the boys in a military hospital (there's some funny stories there), pumped at work (there's some funny stuff there too) and both boys are in daycare on base – not like a military boarding school or anything but unique. Fonz me or reply if this sounds interesting! plus there's some issues facing our family with frequent moves, deployments that may be interesting to explore.

  12. Again, i will say it–anti-immigration is leftist Again I will say it – you are a babe in the woods, politically speaking. You know nothing of the meanings of the terms "leftist" or "rightist", nothing of what it means to be conservative, liberal, communist, fascist, monarchist, or even libertarian.You are also too stupid and/or lazy to figure out how to post as anything other than Anonymous.

  13. BESkalaI think it’s awesome. I have a one year old AND a child with autism. If we ever get the courage to take a flight (it’s not about fear of flying, but fear of mean people) I am totally going to try this idea. I am more concerned about how strangers would react to my eight year old who quote “should know better” about behavior on a plane than how my toddler’s actions would be perceived. I’ve heard some really bad stories from parents who have been met with great hostility from people who do not understand that our children are not brats who are misbehaving. This idea will be shared! Thank you.

  14. Your outfit is beautiful- a perfectly balanced mix of earthy and ethereal- the grounding forces of jeans and boots, paired with the cloudlike aspects of the chiffon and shrug. I love it. and…That video is HILARIOUS! I'm sending the link to everyone I know.Right.Now.

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  16. VC…thanks for the insight. You are right, the product is the bottom line. But I do think the Devils have done everything possible to make this an attractive building. And from Seton Hall’s standpoint, I think the building will improve Seton Hall’s product by providing a small but palpable boost in recruiting.

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  21. "Steve, come on. This is a childish thread. We have not overstayed our "welcome" in Afghanistan until we have secured the opium trade and established safe passage for an oil pipeline from the Caspian to the Arabian seas. You why is it that you buy all of the official, government-sponsored silliness on anything other than race?"Obama appoints Stringer Bell to the State Department?

  22. Reblogged this on and commented:A true leader who built a business by standing for what he believed in. Now he is being discriminated against by those against discrimination. Hated by those who say they are against hate.Mr. Cathy goes about the success of Chick-Fil-A and serves, hires and buys from those who say they hate what he believes in. Who is the hypocrite?

  23. .Last time those people were in Roger’s Rec Room? Approximately 20 years ago.Lot’s of people say they love the arts, love theater, love live music, love a bar… and never do anything about it. Moreso, they sit around and watch “American Idol” everynight.Changing the theater’s location won’t solve that mentality. We need ways to encourage people to see shows, make them overcome their sloth and help the arts economy thrive.

  24. And I wouldn't believe too much about what you read about the Tea Party. It's goals are simple: limited government, fiscal responsibility from the government. Neither of these ideas is "owned" by either party.Sadly, one group did decide to have the John Birch society set up a booth at its convention. If they really wanted to overcome the unfair labels they've been saddled with, that wasn't the way to do it.

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  26. Aunque el apuro fuese necesario, en estos casos siempre es mejor confiar en las manos amigas de los que ya saben. Mira que los otros venían con comentarios pesimistas…¡nada estaba perdido!¿Alguna recompensa a Martín por lo que hizo? Yo sé que es tu amigo y que no debiese de haber ese tipo de condicionamientos…pero algo que te naciera del alma, chama. Saludos cordiales.

  27. Kerry,I think that is a good point about nursing being a great way to stay connected to our kids while we are working. I ended up pumping in my classroom at my desk, so I definitely didn’t have the same support, but it worked out none the less. Thanks for your input!Jamie recently posted..Twitter:

  28. Hi Mary,First time here..I always wanted to learn how to make corn timbale..but never found a good enough recipe..I will give this one a try..Thanks a lot for sharing:)Will be here often..Do drop by my space sometime.Aipi

  29. Straight women can become lesbians IF THEY WANT TO.Political lesbianism is a path to lesbianism. No one has suggested it’s the only path – you want this to be and either/or. You be you.

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  31. Oh Helen… reading this makes me long so much for my 87-year-old grandmother to know God’s purpose for her days. She is living such a small and fearful life, not quite acquainted with Him and not knowing how much she needs Him. I’ve prayed for years that she would come to Him and have her life renewed.Thank you for this word. It affirms what I’ve known all along: that God has a good and fruitful plan for all of our days on the earth.

  32. oct13Francois Dur, dur, dur de choisir, il y tellement de bons resto a Montreal. Pour n’en nommer qu’un, je dirais le Bouillon Bilk. On est toujours reçu chaleureusement, la cuisine est excellente et il y toujours des nouveaux vins intéressants à découvrir.

  33. Ph. Régniez, vous rééditez probablement Drieu La Rochelle. « Gilles », publié en 39, a été censuré de certains passages. Savez-vous lesquels ?oui dear passou, commentaire qui n’a qu’un rapport inverse au sujet du jour, mais destiné aussi à raviver le mauvais sang de vos littérateurs partis manifester leur retraite.

  34. All I have to say is… AMAZING!!!! Josie, you out did yourself! Everyone was in love with that cake, it looked amazing and tasted just as good. Jace loves Elmo and he loved the cake so much!!! It was the best Elmo cake ever. Thank you so much for making such a special cake for my little guy. Your the best!!

  35. You’ve got to submit this post somewhere- a men’s magazine? once again I am laughing at your posts! BTW, can you email me your address? I want to send you and Sophia a holiday card-even though I don’t “know” you guys I have enjoyed your posts so much this year and want to send you a card. I always include large cash gifts too.

  36. Pues las fotos son pre­cio­sas, como siem­pre… Nunca he estado en Astu­rias, pero me ape­tece mucho :-)¡Ánimo mujer! Dis­fruta de los peque­ños deta­lles del día a día, pasea por Madrid (cui­dado con las tor­men­tas sor­pre­sas)… Y a la mierda los malos rollos. Es más fácil decirlo que hacerlo, pero por algo se empieza, ¿no?Un abra­zote

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  39. I’m following all of your blog posts, but on my phone and haven’t been able to post. Please keep the updates coming. This is definitely a study in the legal system. It’s a shame this is happening because of your own experience, but I have no doubt you are the one to do it!

  40. Liebe Marissa,danke für diese schöne Rezension zu einem Buch, das auch ich sehr gerne gelesen habe. Ich hatte nicht viel von diesem Roman erwartet und in der Tat lässt er sich sehr schwer anlesen zu Beginn. Mit der Zeit hat mich die Geschichte aber wirklich mitgerissen. Ein schöner Roman, hinter dem viel mehr steckt, als eine schnöde Frauengeschichte … Liebe GrüßeMara

  41. Michelle, I’m glad Russ is home and on the mend. My mom has a bad leaky heart valve so I know a little on what you two are going through. Love the tutorial…..it cools down my **hot flashes** I have this set and it’s absolutely my favorite. Take care of Russ and yourself as well. Hugs, Becky

  42. Sorry, there are no measures of dispersion — the yields don’t come from sampling but from comparing the total cotton harvest to the estimates for total acres planted to cotton.I fully agree, it’s hard to draw conclusions from the yield figures, except obvious ones like the ones I drew for A.P.:yields going down is ugly the rise in yields does not correspond to the spread of Bt cotton (it started 8 years before Bt cotton became popular)

  43. What i loved about youtube was that it was about you… I mean…us. Not a handful of people making a buck, but a lot of people getting together and having fun. Ok so ur popular… so u get paid for it..sounds good. But advertisers can approach u directly, u can include them in ur videos.. why does utube have to get involved? Does this mean that the partner producers utube elects will eventually want subscribers to pay too? And those people that use non-original content will have to pay royalties? Guess so- why shouldnt they?

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  52. Thank you Sherry! I feel the same way! It is so powerful and wonderful when you can have such great memories of your parents reading! I know I also love reading because my parents love reading! We still talk to each other about what we are reading and recommend books to one another! I got my dad hooked on Percy Jackson! And my mom hooked on Divergent!

  53. Szia!Ez a hét nálam a fejezetek bepótolásáról szól… De végül eljutottam hozzád is, és persze idáig. 🙂 Nagyon jó fejezet volt. Nekem tetszett, úgyhogy várom a folytatást!!! Ja még valami… nem tudom kikészítette a Tomos képet, de halálian aranyos. :b

  54. I'd love to be around the day the ECHR finds that some EU directive violates the Convention. 😉 I suppose this will happen sooner or later…A few years ago, during the hard negotiations that led to the Annan plan on the Cyprus dispute, the turkish-cypriot side suggested that the future constitution be integrated into EU law in a way that would facilitate "permanent deviations", if I recall correctly the term. I think this judgment should be considered very seriously in the present negotiation. Permanent deviations just won't survive. And rightly so.

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  56. I work in a government bureaucracy and I know how it “works”, or rather, doesn’t work. It will be people like these who will really save our asses when something BIG is coming down the pike. They won’t wait for all the red tape – I say hooray for such a patriot. I used to think that the laws should be obeyed, but having seen how incredibly incompetent government really is, I’m all in favor of patriots taking things into their own hands.

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  59. September 11, 2010 sigh..this is so beautiful. I also hate leaving a place knowing there’s spots i leave behind that could’ve been explored. i love checking up on your blog and your location and adventures. I’ve recently accepted an office job and i don’t get vacation until a year later and the fact that i can’t really travel for a year breaks my heart :’(sigh, one day…i’ll be in my own van and cross paths with “the nerds”

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  61. Yes, it was my New Year’s resolution. I live a couple blocks away from a Jo-Ann’s, which is one way my stash grew so fast, and is also what makes this pledge complicated–especially since I have to go in there from time to tmie for notions. And when people know you sew, you tend to fall into a lot of free fabric. The 35 things I’ve sewn so far this year are but a dent in the stash. I may have to pledge again next year!

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  63. ah thoreau and the water… it’s a wonder that he didn’t insist on being buried at sea… this line is especially nice because of the fisher king connotations it implies… whether that was intentional or not… well it’s a mystery for another late night…

  64. Shawnnews – the most terrible place for information is any of the national “news” media ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc. etc. – they are all in Obama’s pocket – he can do no wrong. They even attacked Romney’s comment before they attacked the islamic terrorists who killed our people, they are so hung up on getting the incompetent Obama reelected – maybe voting for a stupid foreign policy president makes them feel smarter about what little they know about foreign policy!

  65. Damn! That does suck. And it doesn’t really matter how tough your relationship–he’s still your dad, he’s there, you’re here and, yeah, it sucks. I’m so sorry.I think this is cancer week–my boss was just diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Sending you big hugs although the Irish whiskey is probably of more use.

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  67. I'm so sorry to hear that, Chelsea. You've always seemed so passionate about your work. I am sure that you, your colleagues, and your boss are able to find similarly engaging work! There are plenty of organizations that will value those contributions 🙂

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